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Life Coaching

Do you have any of the following goals or aspirations?
Wanting to leap out of bed with more energy each morning

  • Wanting to save time or money
  • Wanting to build business profitability while maintaining a good work/life balance
  • Wanting to create better business or personal relationships

Wanting to get a life-changing project off the ground
Life coaching can help you achieve all these personal goals, and a myriad more: from overcoming challenges at work or at home, to exploring your hobbies and realizing long-held dreams.

As with executive coaching, a life coach will act as an independent sounding board: someone to support, motivate and challenge you to reach your goals.

We can help you overcome feelings of being overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of projects on your plate, or finally make that critical breakthrough towards achieving a particular personal goal.

Luya Associates

"I have skills and knowledge that can definitely help you achieve your own goals"

Liz Luya, Founder

HR Consulting
Luya Associates

"Luya Associates has significant real-world experience in setting up and supporting business through periods of change"


"We can provide you with unparalleled direction and support"

executive coaching
Luya Associates

"I know the importance of delivering results and i can help you do just that"

Liz Luya, Founder

Luya Associates

"I found Liz is easy to talk to and providing of a positive sounding board which assisted my thinking. "

Luya Associates clients come from varying industries and locations. They currently include:

- Royal Bank of Scotland

- BNP Paribas

- The Economist

- White and Case

- The Swire Group

- Lane Crawford

- Stannah Stairlifts

Industries include:


Financial Services



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