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I worked closely with Liz during over seven years and she has provided outstanding support and direction, as well as invaluable personal coaching, guidance, and development. Approaching broad business issues strategically, she very quickly translates strategic direction into very practical action steps. This is particularly helpful in situations of organisational change and development, as well as in times of organisational distress caused by broader uncertainties.Liz is a pleasure to work with and highly respected as a senior professional. Having the opportunity to work with her will, I am sure, prove to be of great value to you personally and/or your organisation.

Director, The Economist Group

I met Liz Luya soon after been made redundant from my company where I was employed for 20 years. I found our sessions reassuring, practical and necessary. Liz was able to assist me to work through the natural emotions of loss and dented self esteem, and on to putting in place a road map for the future that was clear and achievable. Her process was constructive and her style supportive and professional. I found Liz is easy to talk to and providing of a positive sounding board which assisted my thinking.I would recommend Liz to folks looking for assistance with career, whether it be career or life planning, coaching about challenges in their current life or facilitating career / business change.

CEO, Financial Services

Liz is an exceptional leader and strategist. As Regional HR Director, Asia Pacific at the Economist Group, she created and managed a process and quality-driven HR service centre for the offices in the Region.As the principal partner and advisor to regional business directors, Liz always demonstrated integrity, commitment and accuracy in the information she provided as a client. Her internal clients were always a priority and she ensured their expectations were met effectively.Liz’s professionalism and loyalty to The Economist Group were used as examples of how candidates could progress. She ensured the company’s high standards were never compromised and hired only the best of the talented in the market. Liz was a pleasure to work with.

Senior Consultant, Headhunting

I have just spent the last 14 weeks being coached by Liz on three goals relevant to my business and personal life. The sessions were well structured and it was easy to see the progress and also where the issues lay. Liz focussed on the ‘learning’ part and prompted the setting of goals and objectives that whilst achievable were not a ‘walk in the park’. Liz’s style encourages you to think more openly and absorb fresh ideas that would have otherwise been rejected. Liz has immense experience of dealing with individuals and this showed in the sessions.

Director, Consulting and Trading Firm

I think i can best summarize the sessions by answering the following questions-

Did I think the sessions worthwhile ? Yes
Am I better off because of the sessions ? Absolutely
Would I recommend Liz to other people ? Of Course

Business Leader, Financial Services

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Liz Luya, Founder

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Liz Luya, Founder

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